Qatar Airways QR011: Doha - London Heathrow

Trip Report: 016
SDT/SAT/Delay: 07:55/08:05/+0h10min
Flight: Qatar Airways, QR-011, 3,255 miles
Routing: Doha DOH - London LHR
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300/ER (A7-BAF)
Seat: Economy Class

Carrying on my journey with Qatar Airways, after a short stay in Doha, we were about to board flight QR11 that would take us to London. Again, as Doha airport is not equipped with air-bridges we were taken to our aircraft on a Cobus 3000 airport bus. A fantastic piece of German engineering, this wide bus took us all the way to the centre of the airfield where we pulled up along the first door of the Boeing 777 at 07:25. As this trip is photo intensive, I will let the photographs do the talking. Feel free to leave me a message in case you have any queries regarding this flight or anything in particular to do with transiting at Doha airport.

II > Pre-Flight:
a) Before Airport
Qatar Airways is known as the World's Five Star Airline and was awarded the Airline of the Year by Skytrax in 2012. It is owned by the Government of Qatar and is headquartered in the capital city of Doha. The airline operates to over one hundred destinations with a fleet of one hundred and three aircraft with two hundred on order. The airline currently employees over twenty thousand employees coming from one hundred and twenty nationalities. The airline continues to expand with opening more routes and upgrading its fleet with newer more fuel efficient aircraft.

b) At Airport
In this section, find photographs of the Qatar Duty Free shopping arcade and my journey to the aircraft. 

III > In-Flight:
We pushed back on time and I was able to secure a seat on the right side of the aircraft over looking the main parking bays. You will notice we were served a full 'English' styled breakfast and a chicken baguette snack towards the end of the flight. The mains need work as the texture of the omelette was soggy and a separate container for the tomato ketchup would have been nice. The sausage was a little dry but worked well with the hash brown. The fruit was fresh and cold but lacked juice and taste. The baguette was excellent and I loved the chocolate digestive biscuits that came in the golden packet.

A collection of photographs I took from my window on the way from Doha to London.

IV > Post-Flight:
We touched down into London Heathrow bang on time but the taxi from the northern runway to Terminal Four. It took a good thirty minutes for the aircraft to finally dock at the terminal and open its doors. Previously Qatar Airways was located in terminal three and taxi time was minimal. On this occassion, the aircraft went pretty much three quarters of the way around the airport, we even crossed the active runway which was being used for take offs. Here are a collection of photographs including the under construction Terminal East and Emirates Airbus A380.

V > Impressions:
The Qatar Airways product in my opinion was very good. I was very happy with the service standards on board the aircraft from start to finish. The crew were very welcoming and the aircraft was in very good shape. The crew did a marvellous job of looking after its passengers and I was particularly happy to see them even strike up a conversation with an economy class passenger! The entertainment system, Oryx, had a decent range of movies, music and interactive services however I do feel the database needs to be upgraded on their Airbus A330-300 aircraft (see previous flight: LHE-DOH).

One of the major downfalls of Qatar Airways service is the airport, I for one love to travel on buses to the airport however one must move on with the times. Each major airport such as Doha should have docking stations to allow passengers to make their transit hassle-free. I have read that the new airport at Doha is under construction so this issue should be resolved by November this year.

Another observation I made whilst on board were in regard to the airline meals provided on both sectors. I am sorry Qatar Airways but this needs alot of work. The meals I was presented with on both sectors were not to my liking and there was no second choice on the first sector (LHE-DOH). A comment was made on the previous report that perhaps a continental "English" option should be available on the South Asian routes too. Many passengers who travel to Pakistan/India/Bangladesh may perhaps enjoy a continental style meal instead of what they can make at home better? Also a complimentary paper based menu should also be presented even for Economy class passengers. I can understand the airline wants to become more green perhaps they can look at recycling the menus after each flight by laminating them?

I also failed to see an amenity kit being provided on both sectors having found out that you do provide them for even economy class passengers! A colleague of mine received one a month earlier on the exact same routing. I wonder if you have now discountiued this gesture?


  1. Excellent trip report! Been waiting for it for ages! Finally put it up! :) Excellent read.

  2. Excellent work Mohammed! Loved the fact that you took many more photographs on this occassion! The scenery looks superb and they are crystal clear. Well done on the report. It was well worth the read. Nazim Baig

    1. Salaam Nazim Baig, Appreciate you taking the time to take a look through them. The landscape was amazing over Europe. If only I had a D-SLR!

  3. I love the breakfast you got! Its almost a full english! :)

    1. You could call it that. However I did not find it to have much taste. Hope QR take a look at this seriously.

  4. Thanks for your usual, thorough review of our services. Your pictures were very well done! We are pleased to let you know that we've taken your feedback and sent it to the relevant departments for their consideration. Our product team, in particular, will be keen to hear your observations.

    We hope you will continue to offer such balanced and thorough reviews. We love seeing them and we use them as an opportunity to simply get better in everything we do.

    Thank you for being our Customer.

    Michael Stellwag
    Manager, Social Media

    1. Hello Michael Stellwag,

      Thank you once again for taking a look through my airline review of your DOH-LHR service.

      I hope you take my comments seriously and improve your services in the future. If you require any more information or would like me to complete a selection of customer surveys then please do send me an e-mail.

      I am planning afew more trips this year so have a look at how your services compare to other airlines in the region.

      Take care,

  5. Is that the British Airways Boeing 777-200ER that crashed at Heathrow several years ago? Dennis

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Well spotted it was the British Airways Boeing 777-200ER (G-YMMM) that crash landed at Heathrow Airport.

  6. Another great read, Doha airport has changed a lot since my last travel in July 1989 with lots of memories. Out of window shots are nicely captured and you were somehow lucky to have clean window glass.

    thanks for sharing your experience...

    1. Thank you once again Raihan for reading my report.

      The Boeing 777-300ER was in excellent condition and yes the views of Doha's tarmac and aerial shots would have been even better if I had a D-SLR Camera!

      Keep tunned more trip reports to come! :)

  7. Hey Mohammed, great post, I love the clickies. I run Qatar Travel Online, and I've been looking for the best Qatar Airways review to link to from our site (no prizes, just glory!). We've linked to this post from our Qatar Airways page. Keep up the great reviews. Rohit

    1. Hi Rohit, that's great. Do send me a link to your website or magazine where it is published? Thank you for reading.

  8. Thank you for this review! I have a question about economy's arm rests. Seat guru says that they don't fold all the way up. Do they move at all? If you are lucky enough to have a row to yourself, could you lie down?

    Thank you!

  9. Just curious as to why Doha - evidently a reasonably well-developed airport in other respects - has no piers/ airbridges, and still uses the old busing to flight of stairs method? Even the generally ghastly Indian airports (for example) have them in at least small numbers.

  10. Hey Firaas beautiful picture. I had wonderful time reading your Qatar Airways journey. I loved the way you narrated the entire process and shared really informative stuff about you journey and the airlines. I think you have created an amazing blog “Raising Anchor”. I would be waiting for your next post. so keep writing.